3 Questions to Test Your Salon's Survival

(Salon Survival Guide)

It's only February, and I've already heard of three salons that have had to close their doors—don't let that happen to you! There are three questions you should be able to answer YES to, to keep your salon in business.

1. Do you have a strategy in place to find new clients? Whether current clients move or change jobs, you need to replace the ones who don’t come back.

2. Do you have a strategy for clients to come back on a regular basis? It’s called a bounce back. A quick tip: Implement a bounce back. Before a client leaves the chair, make sure they receive some type of gift certificate to bring back in the next month with a special offer. It doesn’t have to be a discount, but something that’s exciting and enticing.


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3. Do you know where your money is, honey? Most of us don’t know what our key numbers are, where the money that’s coming in is coming from, where the money has gone as far as expenses, and in general.