3 Ways to Keep Your Clients’ Scalp Healthy This Summer

photo by paulynn/iStock/Getty Images Plus

It’s second nature to protect your skin in the summertime but protecting your scalp and hair from the sun, salt and heat is equally important. “I see a lot of clients with sunburnt scalps and other sun-related hair damage, but there’s also damage that can occur as a result of wearing hats and scarves that trap bacteria and lead to irritation,” says Bridgette Hill, a renowned colorist and trichologist. Here, Hill shares three ways to keep your clients’ scalp happy and healthy this summer.

Offer scalp-soothing and cooling pre-shampoo treatments. These help to minimize damage and irritation from sun exposure. A great natural remedy is to refrigerate aloe vera gel, or soothing oils like peppermint and jojoba, and gently massage them on the scalp. The restructuring and protective action helps balance the scalp and restores its natural ability to protect against further aggression.

Choose steam over dryers and lights to open the cuticle during treatments and processing. The steam allows water bonds in the hair fibers to be filled with intense moisture, helping to cut down on frizz in the summer heat.


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Introduce hydrating shampoos, conditioners and masques. Clients shampoo more frequently in the summer months and it’s crucial to recommend products based on their hair type or texture. For example, lead those with thicker, coarser hair texture to very creamy, intense moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Encourage clients to liberally use the moisturizer on their scalps and ends. For thin-haired clients, lead them to gentle shampoos and conditioners that assist with regulating oil production. Frequent shampooing and the over production of sweat and oil that comes with summer weather can easily damage hair.