4 Pixie Cuts To Try This Season

(4 Pixie Cuts To Try)

There's something powerful about a woman with short hair. 2019 has certainly been a huge year of short haircuts for women, from long bobs to short bobs and now even pixie cuts! Social media has had a huge influence on women cutting their hair short, with influencers wearing various pixie hairstyles and showing that women CAN have short haircuts and still look feminine.

So what is a pixie haircut? A pixie cut is short in the back, or sometimes even buzzed so the hair hugs the head tightly. The sides are cut short, and sometimes a little length is left around the face for a more feminine feeling. The top is where we get to be creative. We can cut lots of layers for a fun textured style, or we can leave length for something a little heavier and bold. The key to choosing the right pixie cut for your client is figuring out how it will align with their personal style and lifestyle. Let’s break down a few different types of pixie haircuts:

Long Pixie with Side Bang. This is one of the most requested pixie cuts in the salon right now. The hair is cut short with a scissor-over-comb technique in the back, gradually increasing in length toward the crown. The sides are cut with a scissor-over-comb technique to create a head-hugging short crop, and the ears are cut out for a crisp outline. The top is cut short at the high point of the head and length is left in the front to create a side bang. The key to cutting the top of this pixie is to take a small guideline from the back of the head and overdirect everything from the front to that guideline. This will ensure the layers are blended from short to long and will leave length in the front to personalize to your guests’ taste. This particular look is amazing when highlighted on the top portion to create extreme visual dimension.


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Short Feathered Pixie. This pixie is perfect for the girl who wants to make a statement with her hair. The sides and back are cut short, and length is left around the face and neck for a whimsical feeling. The top is left long, but texture breaks up the length to create movement and remove unwanted weight. The front bang is cut with a free-hand technique to create a piecey look that can be worn down in the face or pushed to the side for a change of style. I love this look on very light blondes because we can really see the texture of the cut! Try adding a subtle shadow root to give the look a little depth.

Pixie Bob. This haircut will save your clients through the rough grow out phase. Anyone who has grown-out a pixie can attest to how difficult it is to maintain a style while growing their hair out, but the pixie bob makes it super easy and fun. Cut the back into a graduated shape with increasing length in the occipital and crown areas. Overdirect the sides towards the back to maintain length in the front. Slice cutting techniques can be used on the sides to remove weight without creating lots of layers. The top is layered uniformly to the head shape for volume and a rounder silhouette. The bang is cut short in the center and long on the outer corners for a curtain fringe look. Style with a bit of paste for a flirty finish!

Undercut Pixie. This may be my personal favorite! This pixie is buzzed on the sides and back, and designs can be added for something fun and different. The top is cut into a bowl-cut shape, and the bangs are left long to be worn down or styled up in to a faux-hawk look. The key here is TEXTURE! Remove weight with texturizing techniques to ensure the shape is not too stiff and has movement. Adding some bespoke color placement takes this to the next level, and is perfect for your bold clients who just want to be seen!

Try one or try them all! You just can’t go wrong with a great pixie haircut.