7 Client-Friendly Tips for Silky Straight Hair

Even though we're big fans of beach waves and curls, straight hair will always have a special place in our hearts. From a night out to a lazy Sunday, the style is suitable for whoever, whenever. But, while the finished style might look effortless, it probably took a good amount of time and product to achieve. We talked with Mikayla Huegle, HAI Beauty Concepts stylist, to get her top tips for achieving that silky smooth finish. Pass these along to your clients looking to achieve a salon-worthy style at home. 

  1. Start with fresh, clean hair and be sure it's completely dry. Clean hair makes for easier styling, it will last longer, and it's much better for the hair. 
  2. Section the hair into thin pieces. If a section is too thick, it may require too many passes and ultimately damage the hair. Spritz each section with a heat protectant prior to running the flat iron through to prevent damage. 
  3. Hold the section taught and start a couple inches from the root. Use a comb while straightening to get rid of tangles before the flat iron goes over the section.
  4. Flat iron temperature and hair texture are directly correlated. If your client has average hair, suggest putting the heat temperature at 350 degrees. 
  5. Because flat irons can be used to straighten and curl, find a flat iron that has an effortless glide and good plates. HAI Beauty Concept's Gold Convertable has Tri-Diamond Cermanic plates that work on all hair types. 
  6. Make sure the flat iron plates close completely and sit flush. 
  7. Spritz a finishing spray after each section to set the hair in place and ensure a long-lasting style.

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