Mark Woolley and DJ Muldoon's Electrifying New Body of Work

Photography: Kenny McCracken

In their latest collaboration for Electric London, internationally acclaimed artists Mark Woolley and DJ Muldoon drew inspiration from Britain’s iconic subculture in the 1960s to create Neo Mod, an exclusive body of work showcasing fashion-forward yet wearable styles enhanced with texture, broken weight-lines, strong angles and sharp perimeters. To that end, the duo shot on location at Electric Studio in Brighton, England using a combination of street and professional models, as well as attire from Fred Perry. “Our goal was to really capture the essence of urban London,” says Electric London founder and International Creative Director Mark Woolley. “We wanted the finished images to depict a rawness, which is why we steered clear of heavily editing them in post-production.”

Mark Woolley and DJ Muldoon prepped the hair with Electric P-4 Preparation Spray, then diffused it to create the style’s shape, teasing out the curls with their fingers. Electric C-7 e-Spray finished the look, supplying a strong, dry and touchable hold.

Woolley and Muldoon prepped the hair with Electric P-4 Preparation Spray before blow-drying and finishing the style with a bit of Electric C-1 English Rose Serum to achieve a high-shine finish.


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After creating this sharp bob with a textured perimeter fringe, Woolley and Muldoon blow-dried the hair with a touch of Electric C-2 Smoothing Cream to achieve a light hold and smooth finish. Next, they applied Electric C-4 Shaping Paste to the fringe to enhance the texture. A spritz of Electric C-7 e-Spray finished the look.

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Photography: Kenny McCracken;

Makeup: Sean Chapman;

Fashion Styling: Stevi Jelbart