A Scott Condon Collection: Ukase

Scott Condon, a principal stylist at Rokk Ebony Salon in South Melbourne, Australia, and Young Talent bronze winner at the International Wella TrendVision Awards in 2014, is just 30 years old, but he’s well on his way to becoming a “rokk” star in our book. For his collection, Ukase, Condon had one thing in mind: to make his models look strikingly androgynous. “Each girl was more like a canvas for me to paint on, rather than a mannequin having a look plonked onto them,” says Condon, who found inspiration in the current trend in tattooing, which uses lines and optical illusions rather than traditional pictures. “I am thrilled with the result as some serious short to medium cuts evolved using color only placed to enhance line,” he says. “For me, the shoot was really about revisiting Hairdressing 101, but as a senior hairdresser to see how well I could do.”