Behind the November Cover with TIGI's Thomas Osborn


OUR COVER THIS month features the work of Thomas Osborn, Creative Director and VP of Education at TIGI. The look—a mix of what Osborn calls rock and romance—was inspired by French singer and actress Francois Hardy. “I looked at a photo of her from the ‘60s,” says Osborn, who wanted to create something that had that “cool girl feeling” for TIGI’s Fall 2015 collection. “None of the looks in this collection is overly stylized, but then none of our Bedhead clients look like they’ve just stepped out of the salon either.” Still, Osborn cautions that you just can’t take out weight or haphazardly put in layers. “It’s essential to get the balance right.” On our cover girl, Osborn took the center section and point-cut straight off the top of the head to establish the shape, then took vertical sections down from the top of the head and worked toward the round of the head, over- directing the profile section and slicing outward. Using an inversion layering technique, he over-directed the sections to the stationery guide. What’s unique about this cut is the disconnection. “People love the way the fringe breaks across the front,” he says. “The perimeter detail is all done with layering. In fact, the entire perimeter—the fringe and the hairline—is brought up front and to the center.” In other words, you’re basically layering and graduating at the same time. Essentially, everything from the round of the head is isolated, and everything above the round of the head is layered. Piece of cake, right? If you’re scratching your head, maybe it’s time to sign up for a class at the TIGI Advanced Hairdressing Academy in NYC. Why not start with Classics Cutting, which focuses on achieving perfect balance and technique. Check out the website for details


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