Bellami Announces Platinum Perfection Line


BELLAMI Hair has teamed up with platinum king, Zach Mesquit, for their latest launch. After seven years in the business, Mesquit has created his own niche in the industry by mastering the art of platinum blonde coloring. Together they have created a collection of hard-to-find blonde tone clip-in extensions and a nourishing serum. 

The BELLAMI Platinum Perfection by Zach Mesquit Clip-In Extensions feature invisi-weft technology, a seamless weft that lays flat on your scalp making them virtually undetectable. Proudly named, the BELLAMI Silk Seam range is significantly thinner and more lightweight than the classic collection of lace fabric weft clip-in extensions. Each strand of hair is fused and locked onto the wefts, reducing shedding and tangling, and in turn lengthening the lifespan of your gorgeous locks.

"I wanted a collection of clip-in extensions that was like nothing else in the market, with perfectly balanced cool tones ranging from buttery platinum to pearly white and all the way to a steel grey, including some rooted shades for people with a darker base,” Mesquit says.

BELLAMI Platinum Perfection by Zach Mesquit Clip-In Extensions are hand processed using high quality, protein-rich 100% Remy Human Hair. This collection is available in two different lengths, 18 inches and 22 inches.

The BELLAMI Platinum Perfection by Zach Mesquit Hair Serum is a lightweight formula that absorbs instantly to nourish hair and add reflective shine. The perfect pairing for the BELLAMI Platinum Perfection by Zach Mesquit Clip-In Extensions, this serum revitalizes, softens strands and eliminates frizz. It protects hair from heat damage, oxidation and environmental aggressors. Use as a finisher on dry hair to nourish, tame frizz, eliminate fly aways and add shine.