The Best Way To Cut Side-Swept Bangs

(Side-Swept Bangs)

Soft and sexy side-swept bangs seen on the likes of Emma Stone and Rihanna are a must-have for celebrities and clients alike. Matt Beck from @freesaloneducation shares his tricks for the best way to cut a side-parted long bang.  

1) Part the hair in a deep side part starting at the front hairline about an inch in from the end of the eyebrow.  

2) Take a forward diagonal part starting about an inch from the hairline, moving towards the opposite side of the face.  

3) Pull this section parallel to the part with no elevation, cutting at a length so that the bang will fall to about the point of the nose. Us fingers as a guide for a straight line.  

4) For thin hair, take the next sections with the part parallel to the first part. Slightly elevate this new piece with the first cut section and cut so that they are the same length.  

5) For thick hair, simply pivot from the point of the first sectioning out to a wider angle.  

6) Stop when the part ends at about the same point as where you made your first deep vertical part, but on the opposite side of the face.  

7) On the other side of the deep side part, take another diagonal forward section and bring over to the opposite side of the face, but shift the fingers to a diagonal downward angle and cut along that line. This will create a layer on the thin side of the part to connect to the bang.