Elegance Meets Edginess in Karine Jackson's Layered Collection

Beautiful hair and bold hues: Those elements were top of mind for award-winning colorist Karine Jackson when creating her latest collection for Organic Colour Systems. “The whole idea was to take high-fashion shades and make them more mainstream,” says Jackson, who called on a variety of techniques, including central contouring, color blocking, color stacking, meshing and weaving, to achieve that objective. Also key was vivid color. “Although the majority of clients will always wear the more traditional blondes, brunettes and reds, vibrant hues are in demand,” says the London salon owner. “It’s all about showing them that impactful hair can have a wearable, more subtle side.”

“This is the 2017 evolution of my Saturn technique, central contouring,” says Jackson. To achieve the look, she pre-lightened the fringe, block-colored the mid-lengths and then layered on Organic Colour Systems No Limits Green mixed with a little Yellow.

After cutting hair into a blunt, choppy shape, Jackson mixed copper and brown shades, applying the formula to the hair with a global color technique before tonging and brushing out curls.

Jackson took the top-knot to the next level, imbuing the look with a beautiful, rich, glossy brunette shade and incorporating a heavily textured fringe.

Jackson gives her signature MoMu look—part classic Mary Quant five-point cut and part mullet that’s longer at the back and follows the shape of the head and neck—added impact with dark blonde roots that transition into a crisp, high-lift blonde.

To make a strong statement, Jackson and her team pre-lightened strands to a white-blonde before using a global color technique to apply Organic Colour Systems No Limits Green and a single drop of Yellow on the hair.

After cutting the hair into a classic bob shape with an undercut back, Jackson and her team paired meshing and weaving techniques with two copper shades, weaving the first shade through the hair before applying the second hue in the same area.

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
Hairstyling: Karine Jackson using Organic Colour Systems
Hair Assistants: Nicole Hand and Tatum Yeo
Makeup: Belinda Zollo
Fashion Styling: Mel Nixon

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