Caitlin Cimino is Making Strides for the Curl Community

Caitlin Cimino | photo by Daniel Johnson

Before the days of professional hot tools, ladies who wanted sleek strands would lay their heads on an ironing board while a trusty friend would pass over the hair with a hot clothing iron.

Caitlin Cimino knows this practice all too well. "My hair was nothing like my friends' hair, and the ironing board became my best friend during my teen years," she says. "When I was in my twenties, I used a flat-iron on my hair nearly every single day." It wasn't until years later that Cimino's curly hair became one of her favorite traits, which led her down a new path.

"In 2004, I was working as a receptionist at a salon that specialized in a curly cutting and styling technique called Ouidad," she says. "I was on the receiving-end of new clients at the salon, many of whom shared their stories of struggle due to countless bad haircuts and emotional trauma from childhood." Cimino began to notice the shift in clients' attitudes once their appointment was complete. "They would leave their stylist's chair with a newfound lightness. They finally felt understood," she says. "I was drawn to the positive emotional change that it had on people." 


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A few years later, Cimino found herself completely invested in curly hair. "I got my license, studied hard and became certified in the Ouidad philosophy," she says. "I slowly discovered that cutting curly hair was an incredible artistic outlet for me. I've developed my own unique style of cutting that's grown atop a solid foundation." Fast-forward to today, Cimino joins the ranks of an elite group of colorists and stylists as a curl expert at Beverly Hills' Ramirez Tran Salon. "I feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of the Ramirez Tran family," she says. "It means expansion, alignment and a really special platform for creative freedom and constant inspiration. It also means that I'm able to help the curl collective on a greater scale." 

As if being a full-time curl expert wasn't enough, Cimino also owns a sculptural jewelry company  "My knowledge in sculpting has also helped develop my unique eye for cutting curly hair," she says. "It's brought such a beautiful balance to my life. Both are creative outlets with unique offerings that feed and support one another on an inner and outer level. Because of this, making time for them both has come naturally."

In the process of growing as an artist, Cimino hopes others will come to appreciate the beauty of curls in the same way she has. "With proper understanding and less suppression, curly hair has a personality of its own—it's unique, bold and gorgeous." For those looking to dive into the world of curly cutting, she has one piece of advice: "No two curls are alike, so pay attention."