Junior Green Illustrates the Power of Natural Texture in His Latest Collection

Photography: Lulia David

Junior Green’s latest collection illustrates the power that women of color have when working with their natural hair, skin tones and face shapes to adapt their look to suit their changing mood, attitude or situation. “Whether the look is sensual, fun, serious, cultural or powerful, these women can always be themselves and look beautiful,” says Green.

After cutting the sides short and disconnecting to a longer back section, Junior Green used clippers to cut lines in the sides to create contrast. He then attached reinforced hair pieces, strategically placing them to create a Mohawk with a layered, sculptured effect. Hairspray was misted on the look for staying power.

Green cut the sides short and tight, tapering the hair into the nape. Using clippers, he cut two lines in the sides—one that stops just behind the ear and another that follows the taper line through the back. Next, he added a braided extension from the crown forward, pinning it back on itself to create a quiff, before finishing the look with gloss spray.

To achieve this look, Green used a simple technique that involves sewing hair locs onto a wig cap. “The key is to use varying lengths through the front and sides; this creates a natural grown-in look,” says Green, who applied a little wax to add sheen and definition to each loc.

After cropping the hair short and tight and tapering it into the nape, Green used clippers to cut lines into the sides. He left the top section long and relaxed to straighten before finishing the styling, blow-drying the front flat and smooth using a Denman D3, then gradually adding more lift toward the crown before backcombing to create distressed texture.

Photographer: Lulia David

Makeup: Nibras

Fashion Styling: Junior Green

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