Color How-To: Chocolate Swirl Balayage

photos courtesy of @hair_bykate

If you're anything like me, your sweet tooth can't decide between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Why not have both? Kate Dattilo (@hair_bykate), a hairstylist at The Beauty Lounge in Watertown, Connecticut, gave her client a multidimensional balayage with both warm and cool brown tones using a zigzag technique. Here's how:

  • Start off with a base melt using Redken Shades EQ 1oz 3NW + 1oz 4NB + 2oz processing solution
  • Comb down through hair
  • Take spaced out zigzag sections throughout the hair and paint a panel lowlight using equal parts Redken Shades EQ cream 5WB + 10-volume developer
  • Pain the alternate zig zagswith Oligo Clay Lightener + 20-volume developer with a chip brush
  • Process for 35 minutes
  • Apply final gloss using Redken shades EQ 6GB and process for 10 minutes

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