Color How-to: Fall Blonde Highlights

Color How-to: Fall Blonde Highlights

Contrary to popular belief, a seasonal change for fall doesn’t always mean going darker. To demonstrate, Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) and Joico Guest Artist Zoe Carpenter (@zochlo) team up to show a fall-inspired, blonde highlighting technique. The result: face-framing dimensional color that brightens the complexion by using warm-blonde tones. Finished with a long-layered cut and big bouncy curls to complement the color, it’s the perfect combination to lift any client’s mood during these crisp fall days.

Get The Look:


Prep: Joico Base Breaker Cool


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Highlight 1: mix 1 part Joico Blonde Light Lightening Powder + 2 parts Joico Lumishine Crème Developer 10 Volume.

Highlight 2:  mix 2 ounces Joico Lumishine Permanent Crème XLB (XL.7) + 2 ounces Joico Lumishine Crème Developer 40 Volume.

Gloss: 1:1 ratio Joico Lumishine Demi-permanent Liquid 10NC + Joico Lumishine Crème Developer 5 Volume.

Color Steps:

  1. Start by using the prep formula to lift naturally blonde hair to a level five.
  2. Work in four quadrants using a marble technique. Begin at the back, using the first highlight formula. Work on an angle bringing the formula up to the skin. Continue by making three back-to-back foils, marbling in a few slices of the second highligh formula in-between.
  3. To create heavy dimension and lived-in color at the ends, leave some pieces out by doing a push-back from mid-length to root in between the foils, and painting the ends.
  4. For the front sections, continue painting on an angle, stacking three back-to-back foils with the second highlight formula marbled in between.
  5. Process, shampoo and apply gloss formula for eight minutes to create a warm-peach tone.

Cut and Style Steps:

  1. Prep hair with Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil and blow dry using a round brush.
  2. Take a triangular section at the top of the fringe and loosely braid. Taking diagonal portions from the top of the triangle down, and create layers by over directing the hair forward. Continue using the same diagonal sectioning, and cut using a tease technique (half-open half-close with the scissor to create a broken line). Repeat on the other side and finish the face-framing layers by releasing the braid, twisting the hair and cutting to chin length.
  3. To style, prep with Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray and Joico Shaping and Finishing Spray. Curl hair and set in pin-curl clips.

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