Color How-To: Mauve, Teal and Silver Triple Melt

Photo courtesy of @bescene

Linh Phan (@bescene) has done it again. Look at the colorists Instagram and you’ll see some major crowd pleasers featuring metallic blues, silvers, pinks and purples. This time, he's wowing us with this triple color melt using chrome shades of mauve, teal and silver.


  • Mauve: Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Metallics 8-29 + 6-32 + E-1 + 0-99.
  • Teal: Igora Royal Pearlescence 9.5-43 + 6-23 + Igora Colorworx Green.
  • Silver: Igora Royal 9.5-1+ Igora Royal Highlifts 10-21 + Igora Royal 0-11+ 7 VOL.

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