Color How-To: Peach Sorbet

photos courtesy of @saraihairwizard

A softer and more relaxed version of the vibrant colors taking over our Instagram feeds, peach hair fits the bill perfectly for those looking to experiment with a subtle fashion color. Though peach hair is having a major moment in the spotlight, the trend is nothing new. In fact, we first saw it making its rounds in 2013, but of course, as color progresses and colorists gain experience, the sorbet-like color has only gotten better with time. 

Sarai Speer (@saraihairwizard), a Kansas City hair artist, gave her client the perfect dose of peach goodness. Here's how you can recreate the look:

Get the Look:

  • Balayage globally using Trionics KO Blondes with Higher & Higher developer and 1/8 oz Olaplex
  • Open-air process for 45 minutes
  • “Shampoo” with Malibu C Crystal Gel to stop the processing
  • Apply Olaplex 2 for 20 mins. Shampoo, no conditioner and dry
  • Root color: Joico LumiShine equal parts 7NC & 8NG (demi permanent) with Trionics No Lift Enzyme developer and 1/8 Oz Olaplex
  • Mids-ends: Joico LumiShine 2 parts 10NG, 1 part 10NG, 1 part 10NWB with Trionics No Lift and 1/8 oz Olaplex
  • Process for 30 minutes wihout heat
  • Rinse and apply Olaplex 2 for 20 minutes
  • Rinse, shampoo and condition with Trionics Enzyme Cocktail Conditioner


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