Color How-To: Color-Melted Peekaboo Highlights

Matrix Professional’s Haircare and Color Artistic Educator Lena La Monaco (@lena_lamonaco) shows us how to achieve the newest hair color trend for fall: color melted peekaboo highlights. The look is completely customizable and can be done on different hair textures and levels. 

To achieve the look, La Monaco used Matrix Professional’s New Color Sync Vinyls. The colors, vivid on a level five and up, are a great way to introduce vivid color without having to overly pre-lighten your clients’ hair, and lasts up to 20 shampoos. Keep watching to see how La Monaco has created the trend on her three models. 

Get The Look: 


Prep: Mannequin was pre-sectioned with verticals on the sides, and diagonals in the back. Sections were then lightened to a level seven using Matrix Professional Light Master 40 Volume + Matrix Professional BOND Ultim8 Step 1.


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Color Melt: 

A: 1:1 ratio Matrix Professional Color Sync Vinyls in Cobalt Blue + Matrix Professional Cream Developer 10 Volume. 

B: 1:1 ratio of Matrix Professional Color Sync Vinyls in Cobalt Blue + Clear.


1. Begin by taking diagonal herringbone sections at the front. Split the fringe into two and apply formula A to half of one side. Apply the color off the scalp and feather it down a few inches, then stop. Leave a two-inch gap and then begin applying formula B, taking it down to the ends. Finish by taking a clean brush and feather formula B up, to melt the two formulas together. Cover with foil.

2. Take a section on top of the last foil and use the same color melting technique, making formula A at the root an inch longer than the last. Repeat both fringe foils on the other side. 

3. Continue to the sides, working on the vertical pre-lightened sections above the ear and finish with the back. Process for 25 minutes. 

Finished Looks: 

Model Emily: On blonde hair, 1:1 ratio of Matrix Professional Color Sync Vinyls Midnight Violet + Matrix Professional Color Sync Vinyls Clear.

Mannequin Viola: Pre-colored with Matrix Professional Color Sync 5MM Mocha Mocha. Matrix Professional Color Sync Vinyls Crimson Red + Matrix Professional Color Sync Vinyls Rose Copper