Color Step-by-Step: Buttery Blonde

Inspired by romantic fabrics and colors seen on this year’s runways, Goldwell National Artist, Nick Pagano (@nickpaganohairdesign), created an unforgettable blonde shade that he's calling "Rise Blonde." This warm blonde color incorporates cool tones and brilliant pastel accents, with a color palette of buttermilk, creamy yellow, periwinkle, antique rose and sea-glass green. Here’s how you can recreate the look.

Get The Look: 


Step1. First, start by pre-lighting the hair with formula A. Use a stronger face-framing pattern. This can be done in a block-color technique (use macro sections to pre-lighten). Sections should start just behind the temple on the round of the head. Place three macro sections back-to-back, then leave a half-inch section out and repeat above the round of the head. 


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Step 2. Lighten to desired level, and shampoo with Dualsenses Color Shampoo.

Step 3. Next, apply New Blonde to damp hair and process for five minutes.

Step 4. Once processed, shampoo and condition hair with Elumen Wash and Treat. Then, apply Elumen Prepare to pre-lighten sections and dry the hair.

Step 5. Resection the hair to isolate the pre-lightened hair, and color the remaining hair with formula B.

Step 6. Next, in your pre-lightened sections take horizontal micro sections and paint formula C in a one-inch section beginning at the root. Then feather the color into the remaining hair. This base formula will help to anchor and integrate subsequent shades for a watercolor effect.

Step 7. Paint in the overlaying formula D using a “V” formation. This creates an intermediate color when placed over formula C. These colors should be melted into each other seamlessly.

Step 8. To achieve the antique-rose effect, apply formula E as follows:

  • Melt Antique Rose formula with Sea Glass Green and Periwinkle to create a strong, yet muted blend of accent shades.
  • Observe the process time. Shampoo twice with Elumen Wash, towel dry well and apply Elumen Lock for five minutes. Rinse well and condition with Elumen Treat.

Credits: Makeup: Cheryl Esposito, Hair: Goldwell National Artist Nick Pagano, Clothing stylist: Rod Nova, Photographer: Andrea Urbinati

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