Color How-To: Rooty Magenta Melt

photos courtesy of @glamdoll1

Just when we thought we'd seen the best of the best in haircolor trends, in comes another swoon-worthy hue to knock us off our feet. Magenta—a color melt that sits happily between a warm violet and a pale pink—satisfies all of our fashion color cravings in one foul swoop. California-based colorist Khloe Nguyen (@glamdoll1) gave her client a rooty magenta color during a single session, five-hour appointment. Here's how: 

Get the Look:

  • Lighten hair with Schwarzkopf Blondor 25- and 30-volume developer and Olaplex. 
  • Using foils, add babylights globally. 
  • Tone with Schwarfkopf 8-29 + 0-11v +  0-89v + 0-99. 
  • Melt into 9-98 + 0-89

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