Color How-To: Winterized Balayage

Photo courtesy of @kelsforbeauty

In the summer, it seems like some clients can’t get their hair light enough. But when winter comes around, requests for the dark hair pour in. For balayage clients who want to transition, but still keep some of their summer sun-kissed blonde, opt for a high-contrast balayage. Demonstrated by balayage artist Kelly Vasquez (@kelsforbeauty), this stunning transformation can be created by simply applying rich tones at the root for added drama and depth. 

Get the Look: 


Lowlight formula: Vitality’s 1 oz 7n + 1oz 6.3 mixed with 13 volume, 1:1 ratio 

Highlight: 30 Volume mixed with Uberliss Bond Regenerator 

Toner One: Vitality’s 7.21 + 9.21 mixed with 13 volume, 1:2 ratio 

Toner Two: Vitality’s 9.21 + 9 volume, 1:2 ratio 


1. Getting as close to the root as possible, create bright, face-framing highlights by adding one-inch backcombed balayage pieces around the face and wrapping in foils. 

2. Follow by taking one-inch sections and adding lowlights, applying the color from roots to mid-lengths. Comb the remaining color to the ends to blend the lowlight. 

3. Working in a pattern throughout, adding balayage, lowlight and then a backcombed highlight to one-inch sections. 

4. Process for 30 minutes without heat. 

5. Shampoo. 

6. Apply toner one on roots, leaving hairline section out. 

7. Use toner two on ends and hairline section. 

8. Finish by sealing cuticles with Uberliss Bond Amplifier Treatment, and styling with a 1-1/4” BaByliss PRO Curling Iron.