Color Step-By-Step: Watercolor Brunette

Inspired by rich velvet with jewel-tone accents, Goldwell Artistic Director, Rebecca Hiele (@rebeccahiele), created this head-turning dusk brown look. By blending olive-green jade and deep-blue indigo, Hiele produced a rich watercolor effect that’s truly dreamy. Here’s how you can recreate the look.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Urbinati

Get The Look


A. Nectaya Dusk Brown: 40ml Nectaya 6% lotion + 40ml 5NBP

B. 35ml SilkLift lotion + 1 scoop of Silklift Haigh Performance Lightener


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C. Elumen Dusk Brown: 30ml Elumen [email protected] + 10ml [email protected] + 3ml [email protected]

D. Olive Jade: 15ml Elumen [email protected] + 15ml [email protected] + 5ml [email protected]

E. Indigo: 30ml Elumen [email protected] + 10ml [email protected] 5ml + [email protected]

Step1. Start by sectioning hair into three horizontal micro slices in the fringe. Then, isolate four horizontal slices one inch from the hairline to just behind the ear on the flat of the head shape. Continue to the highest point of the round underneath the part line. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 2. Apply formula A on the new growth around the three sections. Then, apply it 1/4 of an inch down in the fringe and 1/2 an inch within the side sections.

Step 3. Use foil to isolate the three sections, painting formula B from formula A down the strands. Process for 30 minutes.

Step 4. Shampoo with Elumen Wash, rinse and towel dry. Then, apply Elumen Prepare and dry the hair.

Step 5. Re-isolate the three sections and apply formula C to the remaining hair.

Step 6. In the three isolated sections, alternate formulas D and E in slices using thermal foils. Employ a water-color melt from one shade to the next. Intuitively alternate formulas from the bottom of the section to the top. Process for 20 minutes.

Step 7. To finish, shampoo with Elumen Wash, towel dry hair well and apply Elumen Lock for five minutes. Rinse well and condition with Elumen Treat.

Credits: Makeup: Cheryl Esposito, Hair: Goldwell Artistic Director Rebecca Hiele, Clothing stylist: Rod Nova, Photographer: Andrea Urbinati 

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