Colortrak Launches Ambassador Collection Sectioning Stix

(Color Stix)

The wildly popular Colortrak Ambassador Collection is adding a new member to its family of sleek coloring tools. Presenting the Ambassador Collection Sectioning Stix. 

Designed in collaboration with Colortrak Ambassador Kat Collet (@katkolors), these Sectioning Stix are simple enough to hold hair firmly in place but gentle enough to not crease the hair while sectioning. Unlike traditional sectioning combs and brushes, Sectioning Stix won't snag on long hair and flyaways. They're the perfect length for creating even, effortlessly symmetrical lines across the scalp, from end to end. 

Less time wasted fighting with clients' locks means more time spent perfecting dimensional color techniques, up-dos, cuts and everything in between. Make the sectioning process smoother than ever with Colortrak Sectioning Stix.


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