Matthew Morris Brings Gluttony to Life in Latest Collection

Matthew Morris Pasta
It’s in the Sauce What else would you serve a stunning redhead, but heaps of pasta dripping with marinara sauce? “We used a classic brick-layered iron set, then brushed and sculpted it outwards,” says Morris. “We knew right away what food prop to give her. That color combination was just too good to pass up.”

Matthew Morris, two-time North American Hairstyling Awards winner, was sitting in a restaurant in Amsterdam when he starting thinking about the seven deadly sins. “I was going through them, and when I got to gluttony, I was struck with so many food ideas,” says Morris. “I realized that for a photo shoot, I should just stick to that one sin for a concept.” When he conceptualized the types of foods his models would be eating, Morris made a conscious choice to make the food lavish, but odd and over the top—hence the whole trout. Morris wanted the scene for his Feeding Frenzy collection to look like a stuffy European restaurant with simple décor, letting the voluminous hair be the main focus. The set—which was built right in the middle of his salon—was inspired by the INXS video, “The One Thing.” “In the video there’s a really opulent dinner scene, with cats crawling on the table and everyone is smoking, drinking and really chowing down. It seemed like the kind of dinner party I always wanted to attend.” Simply put, we’re eating up his collection with full-bodied hair and a sinful setting. Bon appétit.

Matthew Morris Frenzy

Something Fishy
Consider this a prim and proper French twist, just on steroids with insane amounts of body. “The interior sections were mini-crimped to create maximum volume and a Velcro-fabric texture, so that when sculpted into place, the twist stayed together with just one pin,” says Morris. To match the amped up hair, Morris served his model a whole fish instead of a dainty tray of sushi.

Matthew Morris Final

Hamburger Helper  
Everyone likes their burgers piled high with beefy patties and tasty toppings. So why not pile the model’s hair up as high as it can go? “After a balayage, the interior hair was mini-crimped and teased. Then the exterior was waved with a flatiron and brushed over the structure,” says Morris. Once they captured the shot, the model got even more into character and happily sank her teeth into the sandwich. 

Matthew Morris NAHA

We All Scream for Ice Cream  
When you think of scoops of ice cream, you instantly envision perfectly round mounds of creamy goodness. To evoke that scooped-up shape, Morris used his mini-crimping technique and played with the hair until he formed a large, almost flawless circle. “The wisp of hair in the front was a last-minute detail because it just wouldn’t stay in place, so I didn’t force it,” says Morris. Luckily, that wisp effortlessly echoed the lines of ice cream running down the model’s hand.

Photography: Alec Tremaine
Lead Stylist and Color: Matthew Morris 
Makeup: Katelyn Simkins 
Wardrobe: Dali Magno