The Cult Team's Nocturne Collection Plays on Edge and Elegance

(August Cover Collection)

To achieve this short graphic shape, the UK-based Cult team used a combination of blow-drying through the top and crimping through the back to create a style that has an exaggerated stacked shape throughout the nape and movement through the top.


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The team cut this short, bold and blunt fringe to offset the long, dark hair that they crimped and styled into a fuller square shape through the sides. They playfully added texture through the back. 

To achieve this blunt bob, the Cult team clipped away a large V section through the top, and crimped the remaining lengths through the mid-lengths and ends to create a stacked effect. They then brushed out the hair and sprayed it to create width through the sides and back. To finish, they blow-dried the top and pinned it flat and off the face.

The Cult team first took a horseshoe section through the top of the head and cut the underneath using a classic short-round graduation technique and scissor-over-comb cutting. They cut the top with asymmetrical layers to achieve a strong balance, crimped the entire shape and brushed it out to create the expanded look.