Deconstructed Braids for Brides

There’s something incredibly romantic about a braid that makes it perfect for a bride’s big day. It’s a great alternative to a formal updo—plus, it’ll stay in place from the walk down the aisle all the way to the after-party. Get inspired by these bridal braids from Heather Chapman (@heatherchapmanhair) and Mustafa Avci (@mustafaavci) to share with your client for her wedding day.

“This is a herringbone-pattern braid. To get the look, start by parting the top section of the head into four zigzag sections. Then, beginning with either the right or left section, twist the hair in opposite directions to create the illusion of a herringbone pattern. It works for brides because it creates a soft, elegant look and it’s very different in comparison to your regular braid pattern. My tip for stylists creating this look: Apply texture spray first to create more grip and separation in each section.”—Mustafa Avci

 “This headband braid can be dressed up or down, and is gorgeous on brides and bridesmaids alike. First, section out the front of the hair from ear to ear, and style the back into a pretty updo base. Next, focusing on the front section, create a deep part on the left side of the head, starting from the corner of the eyebrow. Draw the left side of the front section over the updo and pin. Then, part out a headband section, Dutch-braiding on the right side of the head. Pull the braid apart and drape over the updo section. Draw bangs back and pin just under the braid, finishing with hairspray to lock it in place.”—Heather Chapman


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