Get the Formula for this Creamy Copper

When Paco Latorre, Redken artist and creative director of Live True London Salons, had a client come in with light brown hair and level 7 regrowth, he decided to give her the copper hair of our dreams as an in-between shade. 

Here’s how he achieved the look: 


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Lightened her roots with Flash Lift + Pro-Oxide Cream Developer 20 volume. ⁣⁣


Lightened Zones 2 & 3 with Flash Lift + Pro-Oxide Cream Developer 10 volume.⁣⁣


Filled her (newly level 10) hair with Shades EQ Gloss 09AA Papaya. ⁣⁣


Applied Shades EQ Gloss (3/4) 08C Cayenne + (1/4) 09AA Papaya on dry hair for 20 minutes.

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