Get the Look: Halloween Haute Monster

(haute halloween hair)

On Halloween, it's not just about the costume. You can create an equally spooky and spirited look with your hair. Take this haute monster look created by Bumble and bumble into consideration when crafting your Halloween lewk.

1. To create height, Spray Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray throughout dry hair for lasting volume.

2. Separate a section of hair at the crown and build a base by back-combing tightly at the roots.


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3. Mist with Spray De Mode hairspray for hold. Repeat section by section.

4. Use a curling iron to wave sections at the front and sides of the look.

5. Using a flat brush, gently fluff backcombed sections, add more Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray, and mold hair into shape.

6. Finish with more Spray De Mode and pin the look into place with bobby pins.