Give Your Male Clients Some TLC With a Beard Blowout

(beard blowout)

Written by Rachel Romero (@barberologist_)

Do you have any clients who come in to the salon with really curly or wavy beards? Sure, It has a nice length, but it also kind of resembles a bird's nest? Yeah, me too! That's why I decided to start offering a service called a beard blowout. Now, we all know about the traditional shampoo, blowout and style, right? Why not incorporate that service for facial hair as well? Using hot towels, beard balm, beard oil, a blow dryer with concentrator, a round brush and some love, you're able to completely pamper your guest and transform their rugged beard into a soft, sleek one.



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This service is ideal for long-length beards, but you can still do the deep conditioning treatment with hot towels for shorter beards. I recommend that my guests come in about every three to four weeks to maintain the upkeep. Unfortunately, the blow out will only last until they wet their beard so that is a service you can offer to your clients every week if wanted. Always remember it is more than just a service you are offering, it's about the experience.

    • Start by combing through the beard with a wide-tooth comb or pick to prevent any discomfort, and then start working in the beard balm.

    • Using your fingers to fully emulsify the balm into the beard, comb through once more to ensure even distribution. Use one or two hot towels to open the cuticle and soften the hair to ensure the product fully penetrates into the hair.

    • Then, with a one-inch round brush and the BaBylissPro Rapido Hair Dryer, I start to roll the brush underneath the hair to get tension. Just like a traditional blowout, added tension will start to straighten and smooth the hair. I do this on the medium-heat setting first, and then pass over the hair with the cool shot to set it in place.

    • After this step, you can include a beard trim if wanted. Beard sculpting is so much easier when doing this service because it gives you the ability to shape and clean up the beard without taking off a ton of length. When doing a beard trim, you always want to maintain the natural hair line without cutting into it too much. My go-to products and tools are the Uppercut Deluxe Beard BalmGibs Beard OilUppercut Deluxe Quiff RollerBabylissPro Rapido Hair Dryer and the BaBylissPro LithiumFX Clipper FX673 for sculpting.