How-To Video: Scissors vs. Razors in Creating Graduation

Gerard Scarpaci, Hairbrained co-founder, and Julian Perlingiero, world-class educator, understand the importance of mastering a variety of tools. “It’s important to be diverse,” confirms Julian. “I think a lot of my tool selection is based not just on the results that I want, but on the texture that’s in front of me.” And though precision and fundamental shapes will always reign supreme, understanding that different tools yield different results is valuable. “I think that there’s tons of ways to do things, as long as you do it with knowledge and control,” confirms Gerard.

This is particularly true when it comes to creating shapes with graduation, such as a graduated bob, or a bob with graduation.“The sectioning, the combing, the body positioning – it’s all very much the same,” says Gerard. “It’s about precision and accuracy. The difference is in the tool, and the way it removes the hair. The razor moving up and down, at varied strokes – it’s like sketching. What the scissor does is more like a blueprint; the lines are sharp. Though the shapes are similar, the approaches are different.”

Here, Hb shares our quick-tip for creating graduation with a scissor, versus creating graduation with a razor.


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Quick-tip: “When graduating with the scissor,” says Gerard, “it’s about consistently elevating as you work your way up the head, and managing finger position to maintain the desired angle and weight build-up. Whereas with the razor, the goal is to not elevate – but instead – use the size and depth of the razor stroke, which incrementally becomes larger and deeper as you work your way up the head.”

So remember – when creating precise and distinct shapes – it’s important to select the correct tool, depending on the texture of the hair and the desired end result. To get an in-depth perspective, plus explore the best uses for both the scissor and razor tools, check out Hb’s ‘Scissor Vs. Razor’ course. Offered in Los Angeles from 6/11-6/12, Atlanta from 7/23-7/24, and Houston from 8/27-8/28 – this modern course works to fully embrace a world of possibilities.

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