HairBrained: What About Bob?

Across our Hairbrained social media profiles, we feature a lot of bobs. Bobs definitely show off cutting ability, and just like hairdressers, no two are exactly alike. From chin-skimming to long and grown out, chic and straight to edgy and curly, the variations are endless. But regardless of the style that you and your client agree upon, bobs require ultimate balance and control of line and can take years of disciplined focus to master.

Once you’ve perfected your line and understanding of graduation, layering and texture are required. With the ability to combine techniques and incorporate disconnection, you’re limited only by your vision and imagination—and, of course, the willingness of your client. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite bobs, all of which have been submitted and featured in the past few months. Keep those images coming by uploading to and #hairbrained on Instagram. 

About: Hairbrained is a community of hairdressers that share a deep passion and desire to celebrate the craft of hairdressing online socially. The community was founded by two hairdressers—Randy Taylor, a photographer/hairdresser, and Gerard Scarpaci, a world-class educator/platform artist. For more information, visit 


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