Hairstylists Recreate Disney Looks for a Good Cause

Cruella Deville by @ninanears(Instagram)

Because we can all use a little Disney magic in our lives right about now, Wella Professionals challenged stylists to create hairstyles on themselves, family members or even mannequin heads, inspired by characters from their favorite Disney movie or TV show, all for a good cause.  

Stylists have been posting their looks on Instagram, along with info about the Hairdressers at Heart program, and tagging five hairdresser friends to spread the word. The disaster relief initiative helps out hairdressers and salons in need, awarding licensed beauty professionals up to $1,000 that can be used at their discretion.

Check out some of the top looks!


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Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Zach Mesquit’s (@zachmesquitMaleficent 


Wella Professionals Passionista Nina Nears’ (@ninanearsCruella Deville 

Wella Professionals Passionista Cassandra Foehr’s (@cassandra_foehrCinderella and Jasmine