How-To Video: Elegant Textured Updo

Photos courtesy of @fshairdo

If you’re familiar with the hair artist and educator Farrukh Shamuratov (@fshairdo), you’ll know that his styles are never short on glamour. In this demonstration, he creates an elegant, textured and what he calls “messy” up-do which combines wrapped sections and low bun for a style that’s perfect for any client’s big day or special event. Not to mention, it’s fairly simple and translates well in photography. 

Get the look: 

  1. Create a center parting and clip the sides. Tie the back into a low ponytail. 
  2. Back comb the ponytail and roll it underneath towards the ponytails elastic to create a foundation. Fan the edges of the roll out to the sides, wrapping ear-to-ear. Secure with U pins.  
  3. Working on one side, take a horizontal section above the ear and pinch to pull out pieces creating texture. Pull the section back and secure it to the top of the foundation using a U pin. 
  4. For the remaining length, fan it over the foundation and use the same texturizing method. Use a U pin to secure it underneath and continue on the other side.
  5. Repeat working up the head, crossing each section in the back. Backcomb the roots for added volume and leave out the fringe.
  6. Continue until the foundation and back of the head is covered. Separate the fringe in two and pull one section straight back to cover the pins in middle. Add texture and pin the length to one side. 
  7. Curl the remaining piece and create a sweeping effect by securing to one side. Finish by adding texture.

Tip: As you work, make sure to hairspray each section and loosely place U pins into textured pieces help keep them from moving. 


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