How to Recreate Addison Rae's '60s Glam

(Unite Hair)

Addison Rae went from a typical 20-year-old girl to a TikTok sensation and beauty muse seemingly over night. Less than a year after her introduction to the spotlight, the star is now GLAMOUR UK’s February cover girl, and celebrity stylist Danielle Priano was responsible for transforming Rae into classic '60s beauty for the shoot. Here's how she achieved the look:


Step 1. “I started by prepping the hair with UNITE’s BOOSTA Volumizing Spray at the root, to add more structure and volume to the base. On the ends I applied the 7SECONDS BlowOut Crème for control and memory throughout all the hair.”

Step 2. “Blow dry the hair with a natural bristle brush with the classic blowout in mind. After each section is dry, put your velcro rollers in to cool.”

Step 3. “Once all the hair cooled, I took the rollers out and back combed at each section using a spray of LIQUID Volume to set the base.”

Step 4. “Make sure to marry the sections as you back comb, must grab the previous section and add in the new section, back comb until you get the achieved volume.”

Step 5. “Brush Brush Brush, Tease, Tease, Tease!!! The style now is super moldable and you can do anything with it.”

Step 6. “I started with a classic side part, smoothed with UNITE’s Ceramic Flat Iron to polish a clean sleek fringe clipped at the side, secured with Le:Play Hairspray, and added a headband!”


Step 1.  “Remove the headband, clean up the fringe and re-pin the top, keeping the general look the same.”

Step 2.  “I used UNITE’s U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo to give the hair a little less shine to provide a more textured look.”