How to Utilize Different Tools for Better Haircuts

(Different Tools)

Razors, shears and texturizers are some of the most popular tools that hairdressers use. I’ve used a shear to create a super sharp bob line and have done the same exact haircut with a razor when looking for a softer edge. In some haircuts, I've found that it’s best to use multiple tools to achieve a creative end result. For example, when cutting long layers, I love to use a razor to cut the shape of the layers. Once the shape is set, I'll go back through with texture shears to break up the internal bulk for added movement. Each tool has its purpose, and we can create any look by understanding the capabilities of the tools at our disposal.

Beyond that, using multiple tools in a haircut makes for a more interesting experience for our clients. Imagine that client that you’ve been doing the same haircut on for months. She loves the shape, but it’s our job as professionals to create a point of difference for her. Instead of using shears to cut her shag, introduce her to a razor and give her the same exact haircut. Even though her cut hasn’t changed, she’ll end up with a slightly different texture thanks to the razor. Changing our cutting tool is great for the client who desires change, but doesn’t want to lose length or change the overall look.

Using multiple tools will also raise our value as stylists. If we continue to use the same tool on our clients for every single haircut, they may believe that we are incapable of doing anything else with their hair. Showing our expertise in using different tools to achieve their desired look will anchor the trust they have in us as professionals. This will open the door up to gain more referral clients, since the clients’ in our chair will be more aware of our skillset.

Personally, I just find it way more fun to use multiple tools in the salon. After all, when we have a busy consistent clientele, it’s up to us to make things different and exciting; and using different tools throughout the day pushes me to get better and create things differently. If you use a shear to do most of your haircuts, challenge yourself to use a razor for at least one haircut a day. Push yourself to grow comfortable using any tool in the salon to take your haircutting expertise to the next level.