How-To Video: Layered Cut for Long-Haired Clients

Photo courtesy of @claudiolazo

There is no denying the power of the long layer cut. It’s the bread and butter of any salon and promises to keep your long-haired clients happy. To keep things fresh, we have Wella Top Artist Claudio Lazo (@claudiolazo) demonstrating his special “length-increasing” technique. The technique focuses on creating movement in the interior, and, just as the name describes, keeps your clients’ length so you’ll be bound to satisfy even the most adamant. Stay tuned as Lazo demonstrates on Asian tresses, with tips for fine and curly hair types.

Get The Look: 

  1. Start by making a profile line center from front to back. This creates a blueprint for the haircut.
  2. Begin cutting long layers starting at the front, just behind the fringe area. Work from the interior out, keeping length by cutting from short to long, upward. Lazo recommends elevating the elbow and aiming the hair straight up to make working with longer lengths easier and ensure consistency. 
  3. Once the front is finished, move onto the back of the head. Split the hair down the middle and create a radial section from the top of the ear to the other. 
  4. Starting on one side, work back to front through your new profile line. Cut in vertical sections from short to long.
  5. For the sides, use the original profile line and cut taking diagonal sections with the highest point aiming toward the face. Continue to the front and repeat on the other side. 
  6. To cross check, take sections from the other side instead of the ones you worked with. Pull the hair straight up and ensure that the hair goes continuously from short to long in a nice line. Anything else should be trimmed. 
  7. For the face-framing pieces in the fringe area, elevate the hair slightly with a comb to create graduation. 
  8. To finish, back cut ends to create blunter edges. This will vary from client to client. For the demonstration, it was done to create a street-style feel. Polish the look with a spritz of Wella Professionals Eimi Perfect Setting lotion spray and leave to air-dry.

About: For over 130 years, Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ creativity. The company’s story begins in 19th century Germany, with the vision and passion of one hairdresser, Franz Stroher. More information is available at

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