Step-by-Step Video: Braided Bridal Updo

Photo courtesy of @lalasupdos

From sweet and simple to voluminous and intricate, braided styles and braided updos are becoming more and more popular, especially with brides. For their big day, many bridal clients are requesting woven hair masterpieces that'll wow their guests and groom. The styles need to be chic, hassle-free, and most importantly, secure all day long. 

Now, when it comes to braids and updos, no one on the internet shines quite like Laura "Lala" Kaszoni (@lalasupdos). In this step-by-step tutorial, Kaszoni demonstrates a beautiful braided updo that can be done in as little as 10 minutes. As Kaszoni says, "it's all about working smart and not hard." This braided updo also requires minimal product and no hot tools—which is both a client and a stylist's dream come true. 

Get the look: 

  • Prep the hair with Sexy Hair Dry Wax to keep flyaways in place, add texture and make the hair more manageable.
  • Put the hair in a pony tail at the back center of the head, and put a bun donut around the pony tail to support the updo. 
  • Take one strand of hair from the ponytail, break it into two sections and then twist the sections around each another.
  • Pull on each strand while twisting for added volume. Hairspray after each twist with a light hold hairspray to set the "bubbles" into place. 
  • Wrap the twisted section around bun donut, secure with bobby bins if you like the placement. If not, rework the section. 
  • Continue twisting two-piece sections from the remaining hair in the ponytail and wrapping each one around bun donut until desired look is achieved. 
  • Finish off with Sexy Hair Rose Elixir for added shine, moisture and a pleasant rose scent. 


Calling all stylists and students with upstyling skills! Sexy Hair wants to see your best updo looks. Sexy Hair will select the top 10 looks and invite the winners and their guests for a four-day trip to Los Angeles (Sept. 8-11). Winners will also have a private session with the "Queen of Upstyling," Laura Kaszoni. Upload a photo of your updo style here. You can upload as many looks as you would like now through August 1, 2017. Good luck! 

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