How-To Video: Fall Sombre Using Extensions

photos courtesy of @tuckerjstyle

We all have that one client who wants a different hair color every season. Rather than aggressive lightening and darkening, session after session, have you considered using extensions? Not only can your client have a different color in under an hour, they can also have added length and volume. In today's how-to video, Tucker Cinalli (@tuckerjstyle), Hairtalk Extensions Educator and Platform Artist, demonstrates how to use Hairtalk's color melt extensions to create a seamless sombre without actually using any color. 


  • For seamless, dimensional color, use up to four different colored extensions. 
  • Around the perimeter of the hair, use 4/8 paired with 5/23 for a drastic melt and extra lightness on the ends.
  • In the center of the head, use 4/8 paired with natural 8 for a softer blend. 
  • For this particular look, use the 17" length. 
  • Use the bricklaying method to ensure that you don't apply too much hair, and maintain even length and volume throughout.
  • Leave a 1/4" space in between each row of extensions.
  • On the side of the head, place tape-ins about two fingers above the ear to prevent discomfort. 
  • As you move closer to the face, use 4/8 paired over 5.