How-To Video: Shooting Star Fade

There are a number of challenges stylists face when it comes to cutting children's hair—keeping the child still and cutting a kid-friendly style are just a few. But, let's be brutally honest, if you can cut and style a little one's hair without causing any tears or adverse reactions, that's considered the biggest win of all. Andis Educator Kenny Duncan (@clipperedu) walks us through a simple and fun fade that your littlest clients are guaranteed to love. 


1. Use the Andis Envy clipper with the blade open. Begin just below the parietal ridge with a quick c-stroke motion, cutting around the bottom half of the head.

2. Close the blade slightly. Work around the head with the same motion, but slightly lower than the previously cut section. Continue the same process, closing the lever one notch at a time as you move lower on the head.


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3. At the nape, tip the head forward and pull the skin taught to lift the short hair off the skin. At this point, the blade should be completely closed. Repeat the same process as the previously cut section.

4. Use the #0 attachment with the blade closed. Move to the top of the head and work with the grain to remove length. Use the Barber Comb to remove the cut hair.

5. Keep the #0 attachment and open the blade. Start in the temple area and work around the head, going against the grain with a quick c-stroke motion.

6. Remove the attachment and keep the blade open. Place the clipper blade on the skin at a 45-degree angle so only a portion is touching the head. Cut in short up-down motions to blend the remaining weight line.

7. Use the Andis Charm trimmer. Start in the center of the front hairline and work to either temple. Make an arch at the temple with the corner of the blade to create the curved shape. Then blend through the perimeter for a softer finish.

8. To start the design, place the trimmer at the front hairline about 1-2 inches in from the corner. Tap the corner of the blade on the skin and move in a curved line roughly 2-3 inches inward.

9. Move about a half inch to the left (if you are looking straight at your client) to place the curved line. The space between them will begin to narrow to give a shooting star effect.

10. To create the star, imagine making a “V” shape at the end of the two arches. Create the outline of the shape and then “fill it in” later.

11. Using a criss-cross effect, continue placing the outline of the star. It should appear as if you drew it with one continuous line.

12. Use the corner of the blade to remove hair inside the star shape. Then go back through each line to clarify the design.

Interested in learning more? Visit Andis' Master Barber School for an extensive video library, how-to guides and clipper cutting 101. 

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