How-To Video: Long-Layered Shag

From easy styling to voluminous bangs and an overall effortless feel, the shag cut really does it all. Educator Matt Beck (@freesaloneducation) shows us how to create the “cool girl” favorite on medium-length hair with a method that also works for longer-haired clients.


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Get The Look:

  1. Create a center-parting. Section off a V-shape in the fringe area. Section off a diagonal forward section from mid-crown to mid-ear.
  2. Working off the back section, remove unwanted length. Continue by creating concave layers using pie-shaped sectioning and move up into the sides and front.
  3. Spritz the fringe section with Donald Scott Prepare Liquid Tool Glide and using the carving comb wide, create the shattered fringe by using big vertical strokes. Cut the center right above the nose, and slide the razor right off that as a guide to create a nice V-shape to the fringe.
  4. Style with a round brush and Brocatto Cloud 9 Blowdry Miracle Repair Blow Dry Serum.
  5. Finish by point cutting throughout the top in vertical sections to soften the top layering.