How-To Video: Textured Bob with Fringe

A chic alternative to the long and flowy beach hair that we tend to see in the warmer months, a bob is said to not only elongate your client's neck, but also make them look more statuesque. Perfect for any age and face shape, what this layered cut lacks in length is easily made up for in versatility. From being worn textured and shaggy (as shown) or smooth and sleek, there's a good reason why a bob will always be on trend.

In this how-to, Stephen Marinaro (@thesalonguy) demonstrates how to achieve a simple layered and textured haircut with a versatile fringe that can be worm straight on or swept to the side.

Get The Look:

  • Start by parting hair down the middle and separate it into four sections, leaving out your first layer which will run across the nape of the neck.
  • Release the top two back sections and comb hair straight down, cutting them to the same length as your first section. 
  • For the sides, cut the hair on a slight angle, so hair is somewhat longer when working towards the front. The angle of your fingers will guide the direction you cut, so make sure to turn your fingers a little downwards while cutting.
  • Point cut the hair in the back to help create texture and relieve weight. Continue by taking this through to the sides.
  • To cut your top layers, take a horizontal section at the crown of the head. Trim to create shape by combing straight up and cutting straight across, working horizontally straight up from the head. Continue this by taking your next section from underneath and combine it to the previous section, cutting to match and making sure the back is even.
  • Match your new crown cuts to your base layers by taking vertical sections and over directing hair out to to trim. This will also serve as your cross check.
  • Create your texture by point cutting into the back, starting from the base and working upwards.
  • Before sectioning and cutting your fringe, Marinaro recommends taking a mohawk section right down the middle of the crown to cross check the balance of the hair surrounding your parting. 
  • To help guide the sides of your fringe section, push hair upwards to see where it naturally separates. Comb all sectioned hair down to chop your length and create your initial cut. To create your fringes sweeping shape, over direct hair to one side and cut, then reverse and do the same on the other side—this time, leaning to the other direction. Finish by trimming the length in the middle and the sides and loosening texture by cutting with thinning shears throughout.

About: With 20 + years of experience as a hairstylist and media personality, Stephen Marinaro,TheSalonGuy™ focuses on bringing fashion, beauty, inspiration, and entertainment to millions of people. His YouTube channel, TheSalonGuy, features styling tutorials, motivational tools, special event coverage and is currently averaging 2+ million views per month. Stephen has been featured and seen on Style Network, TMZ Live, GMA Live as well as in print magazines.


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