How Will the Shag Influence Hairstyles in 2019?

(Sam Villa)

With 2018 winding down and a new year on the horizon, how will the popularity of the shag influence what hair looks like in 2019?  Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa, shares how the shag might influence newer styles in the months to come.

“The shag isn't going anywhere, it started as a trend for "trendy" people, but it will continue to gain more widespread popularity in 2019,” says Carruthers. “Updating a style can be as simple as adding one small element, like shattered ends or unexpected shorter layers at the crown—it’s a small gesture that can evolve a guests' style gently for the new year,” adds Carruthers.

Below, Carruthers shares how different elements of the shag might influence hairstyles in the coming year.


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Things to Look For:

Short hair: Softer edges and longer lengths around the edges (similar to a traditional shag) will help to soften shorter hair. Bobs will be shattered and also move towards wispy ends combined with shorter layers.

Longer hair: Texture will add personality to longer hair, as it does for a shag. Deconstructed ends and daringly short layers paired with long wispy fringe will take long hair to an entirely new level.

All lengths: Regardless of the style or length of hair, shorter layers will work their way into the top of the head and be a huge style element. Bangs will also take on a wide variety of shapes from long curtain fringes to short highly textured baby fringe, so the options are really endless.