Ibiza Hair's Pezzonovante Collection Pays Homage to Women of Milan

Big shot. That's what Ibizia Hair's newest collection Pezzonovante translates to. Hair stylist Michael Piastrino and colorist Adrian Rotolo were shopping for salon furniture in Milan when they found themselves deeply intrigued by the simplicity and unassuming sophistication of the local women's fashion and style. 

This prompted the duo to create a collection that would capture this sense of style, paying homage to women and their beauty and strength. To Michael and Adrian, the women in Milan were powerful yet still aware of their individual strength and sensuality; all of which has been reflected in Pezzonovante. 

Each look in the collection displays a subtly in movement and softness, allowing the model’s natural strength to shine and showcasing their confidence in individuality and sense of style. 


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According to Michael and Adrian, "each woman is a pezzonovante in her own right." Color techniques were chosen to highlight the cut/style of the hair while remaining subtle and natural. From dark bases to flickers of colors at the ends, the main goal was to accentuate each cut/style through color. 

Following suit with the theme of the collection, the duo wanted to exude strength and confidence through the model's styling. "We wanted the chosen pieces to compliment but not distract from the hair. We chose black and white predominantly for sophistication and a beautiful way to offset our work," Michael and Adrian said. 

Photographer: Andrew O'Toole

Hair: Michael Piastrino

Color: Adrian Rotolo

Makeup: Kyle O'Toole

Styling: Elaine Marshall

Salon: Ibiza Hair