Jennifer Garner Has a New Beauty Gig


Jennifer Garner and her hairstylist Adir Abergel have taken things to the next level. Garner will join Abergel, who is creative director of haircare line Virtue Labs, to use her voice and social platform to bring added awareness to the unique health and beauty benefits of the products.

“Adir and I have grown up together and have collaborated extensively for almost twenty years," Garner said in a press release. "I trust him with everything, but especially when it comes to hair, so naturally, I was an early consumer and fan of Virtue’s products.

“First of all—my hair loves this stuff, the results have been amazing! But when the innovative science behind the products was explained to me, I really got excited—I mean, who knew science could give you your best hair?!


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“Virtue 's commitment to innovation, premium quality, and social responsibility reflect Adir’s values, as well as my own, and have made an official partnership seamless and complementary. I’m looking forward to working alongside Adir and the entire Virtue Labs team—we’ve got to share the news about these incredible products and the inventive science and technology that sets them apart. Hair is important, people!”

Garner will help amplify Virtue’s brand recognition through creative initiatives that communicate the benefits of the company’s proprietary, clinically proven Alpha Keratin 60ku technology, and its multi-award-winning products. She will work closely alongside Virtue’s Founder and CEO Melisse Shaban and Abergel on creative content development and overall brand strategy.

“It’s not enough to say that Jen and I are friends, we’re more like family,” said Abergel in a statement. “We basically grew up together in our careers in Hollywood. To have this amazing human who I love believe in our products so much that she wants to join our Virtue family is more than I could dream of.”

“At Virtue we are focused on authenticity, from the unique technology that forms the basis of our haircare products to the clinically proven results they can help you achieve,” said Melisse Shaban, Virtue’s founder and CEO. “In addition to her acclaim as an actress, Jennifer is a businesswoman and working mom who embodies many of the values we aspire to as a brand. Because she really uses the products, Jennifer will add authenticity by sharing her own experience as a genuine Virtue customer, and now a partner of the brand.”