Kim Kardashian West Brings '60s Style to Life

Photo courtesy of R+Co

Controversy and Kim Kardashian West seem to go hand-in-hand, so it didn't come as much of a surprise to see the reality TV star and mother of two emulating Jackie Kennedy Onassis on Interview Magazine's September cover. Nonetheless, the photos caused quite the stir. In the accompanying interview, Kardashian discusses raising biracial children, the normalcy of her day-to-day life and even pokes fun at being deemed untalented. Meanwhile, the magazine's headline pins Kardashian as "the new first lady" and someone who fully embodies the American Dream—cue the battle royal. 

While it may be difficult to pinpoint any real similarities between Jackie O and Kardashian, the cover shoot does provide one glaring likeness: the bouffant hairstyle. Styled by one of R+Co's founders, Garren, the '60s-inspired look was "meant to cause controversy," he says. "With the logo being an American flag, and her being styled as a first lady, they’re basically showing her as the first lady of Instagram, though it has obviously been interpreted in a variety of ways," Garren says. "The guaranteed way to get people’s attention is to cause controversy and this was a visual way to do both."

For greater impact, Kardashian West wore a wig and Garren says she fully assumed her role. "She really understood the character she was portraying and nailed every picture," he says. Even though the vintage hairstyle perfectly depicts the purpose of the photoshoot, Garren doesn't see the voluminous hairdo making a grand return anytime soon. "Vintage hairstyles make an appearance in editorial because they evoke a specific cultural memory. I don’t think that women are going to be walking the streets with this hairstyle. Rather, it's a style that was meant to bring back memories of one of America's first ladies." 


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Photo courtesy of R+Co

Get the look:

  • Cut wig length blunt, just below the chin, with bangs cut at an angle from the nose to each corner.
  • Wet the wig down, spray DALLAS Thickening Spray at the roots.
  • Apply TWISTER Curl Primer through the naturally wavy wig and blow dry about 60 percent of the way dry.
  • Blow out wig with a classic brush, pull at the roots and set wig on Velcro rollers. Set bangs vertically and over direct to the side with rollers set forward towards the face. 
  • Let wig dry overnight placed under dryer.
  • Next day, backcomb through entire wig.
  • Smooth top and front sides with a Mason Pearson brush and secure with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray.

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