The GHD Art Team Creates Royalty With Their Latest Collection

Photography: Jack Eames

“The inspiration for this collection is all about celebrating the stylists who create queens on a daily basis,” says Dafydd Rhys Thomas, GHD’s global head of education in the UK, about the GHD Art Team’s latest body of work, Queen Makers, seen on these pages. To achieve a fresh styling perspective, Thomas, along with stylists Jo Robertson, Amy Sontae, Zoe Irwin, Luke Benson, Patrick Wilson, Leighanne Regan and Charlotte Mensah, viewed hair as fabric, twisting, coiling, curling and coiffing it to perfection with a core group of GHD styling tool essentials. The end result is a modern take on luxe looks enhanced with texture and shine. “They are truly striking and empowering visuals,” says Thomas.

The GHD Art Team used the GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron to create undulating waves in the hair. They then brushed back the hair and affixed a sparkling accessory on one side before misting the entire look with spray for staying power.

After blow-drying hair smooth with the Air Elite Dryer, the GHD Art Team created a high ponytail, securing it with a long piece of gold string. Next, they twisted and coiled the hair, weaving the string throughout the intricate shape.


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The GHD Art Team blow-dried the hair smooth, then secured it into a sleek, classic high ponytail at the back of the head.

Voluminous waves created with the Curve Soft Curl Iron play up fluidity and movement, and combine with a fashion-forward hair accessory in this sexy shape designed by the GHD Art Team.

The GHD Art Team diffuser-dried hair with the Air Elite Dryer, working with the model’s natural texture. The team then coaxed curls into this glamorous shape that plays up definition and separation.

After using the Curve Soft Curl Iron to boost volume, movement and texture in this shape, the GHD Art Team center-parted the hair, then strategically affixed beaded embellishments for a face-framing effect.

Photographer: Jack Eames     

Hair Assistants: ghd style squad

Makeup: Clair Evans

Fashion styling: Boo Attwood