Matrix Dark Envy Shampoo


Matrix Total Results continues to expand its color maintenance portfolio with the introduction of the new range, Total Results Dark Envy. Dark Envy neutralizes red undertones that can emerge when black to dark brown hair is exposed to hot tools, the sun, hard water or haircolor. We love the shampoo because it's an easy way to keep dark hair rich, shiny and on-tone, thanks to its rich green formula with blue-yellow direct dyes. It's suitable for natural and color-treated hair.

“At first some of my clients were startled by the green color of the shampoo and mask, but I explained to them that it’s all very scientific because on the color wheel,” says Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas. “The color green sits directly opposite the color red. This means the unique green formula in Dark Envy neutralizes the red tones that often appear in dark hair. After just one use, clients are thrilled with Dark Envy’s rich, glossy, neutralizing results.”

Check it out here.


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