A few tips to help you approach clipper cutting with confidence.

The company just expanded with the release of facial hair products and spray tonics.

A few members from Wahl's education team styled looks reminiscent of the '50s, '70s and today.

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Her Chair His Hair is a non-profit dedicated to giving women an equal platform in an historically dominated by men.

Regardless of what styles come and go over the years, one thing has remained constant: the need for quality products. 

Wahl 1919 includes 11 hair, beard and skin products made for professional barbers and stylists.

Seen on some of our favorite male celebs, from Ryan Reynolds to Justin Timberlake, the ever-popular fade is timeless, versatile and sharp.

Wahl is expanding on their successful online barber battle by adding new haircuts and extending the timeline.

An expert in the field sheds light on male pattern baldness and its potential serious side effects.

Kevin Nguyen-the winner of Wahl’s Barber Battle and a new member of the Wahl Education and Artistic Team.