Behind the Scenes of April's Galaxy-Inspired Cover Collection

To achieve the cover look (left), Neville and the Ashley Gamble Beauty and Styling Team pre-lightened hair, then applied Schwarzkopf Professional ColorWorx green and purple shades.

When coming up with the dreamy looks for Luna, the 2017 British Hairdressing Awards Newcomer of the Year winning collection, Olivia Neville was inspired by colors reflected in the galaxy.

Neville, who works at Ashley Gamble salon in the UK, used Schwarzkopf Professional haircolor to achieve the beautifully edgy pastel-colored looks, including BlondMe and ColorWorx diluted with white. She used IGORA Royal mix tones along with permanent colors and IGORA Royal Pearlescence for its pastel tones.

The shoot fittingly took place at The Worx studio in Parsons Green, London, and Neville, along with the Ashley Gamble Beauty and Styling Team, spent nearly two days in the salon prepping the colors and cuts on the models, and two days shooting the collection.


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The shoot site, The Worx

Despite a few challenges on shoot day—like switching up hairstyle textures to make them more photographic—the shoot was a great success, Neville says. Her favorite part? Reviewing the images at the end of the day and seeing everything come together after all the planning, prep and hard work.

Hair was prepped for two days at Ashley Gamble salon.