Paul Mitchell's Lucie Doughty Transforms This Brunette into a Cool Blonde

Amazing Grace

Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty likes a challenge, so when she met Grace, the model featured in this collection, she just knew she had to do something drastic to her haircolor. “I knew if we could transform her rich, dark chocolate Asian locks into a cool blonde, we’d have something special,” says Doughty, who notes that platinum haircolor ruled the runways for spring, making these looks right on trend. Marianne Dougherty, editor in chief.



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Step 1 Formula

Paul Mitchell Blonde SynchroLift Ultra-Quick Powder Lightener
30-volume Cream Developer

Step 2 Formula

Paul Mitchell Shines XG 1 oz. 10A + 1 oz. 8PN + 2 oz. 10-volume XG Processing Cream


Step 1 Lightener Application

The Paul Mitchell Platinum Card technique was used for this color result. Begin by sectioning the entire head into slices. Then apply SynchroLift ¼-inch away from the roots through the ends. After processing to a level 7, remove the foils and apply SynchroLift to the root area. Lift hair to a level 9 before shampooing and applying Step 2 Formula.

Step 2 Toner Processing Time

After the hair has reached a level 9, shampoo, towel-dry and apply Shines XG 1 oz. 10A + 1 oz. 8PN + 2 oz. 10-volume XG Processing Cream.

Photography: Darrent Tieste