The Ken Picton Art Team Celebrates the New Romantic Movement in an Exclusive Collection

Shot in Australia, the Ken Picton Art Team’s latest collection, Blitz Kids, pays homage to Covent Garden’s Blitz Club, which catapulted London’s New Romantic movement to the forefront in the late ’70s. “It was a time when people were moving away from the punk scene and embracing a more glamorous feel, which created a new subculture,” says Paul Dennison, a colorist with the Ken Picton Salon in Cardiff, Wales. To create the styles seen here, Dennison and the team shied away from using acid-bright hues prevalent on the punk scene, instead opting to accentuate locks with softer, more luxurious tones from the L’Oréal Professionnel color range. “Our goal was to fashion looks that stand out while shunning the norm, embracing a new creative form of self-expression for hair,” says Dennison.

Dennison and the team created depth at the roots before applying a contrasting color through the undersections to amplify the design’s movement and texture. 

To enhance movement in this look, Dennison and the team called on a classic balayage technique, toning the hair with a warm almond hue for maximum impact and shine.


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Dennison and his team called on a lightning bolt-inspired technique and precise color placement to juxtapose warm red and cool blonde tones in this long sleek bob.

These beautiful cool, blood-red curls were achieved by working the color deeper at the roots and slightly lighter at the ends. “The technique really brings out the depth of the tight curls,” says Dennison. 

To achieve a melted effect, Dennison and the team created a large triangle pre-lightened section through the midnight brunette shade. “This really enhances the undercut section by allowing it to disconnect from the rest of the hair,” says Dennison.

Dennison worked a block pattern technique through the model’s lengths for added flair.

After creating this strong, graphic shape, Dennison and the team darkened the hair to enhance the hairlines, adding rows of block color to accentuate the bolt-inspired shape.

A green hue was sliced through a muted flat base to complement the model’s cool skin tone.

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
Hairstyling: Ken Picton Art Team for L’Oréal Professionnel
Haircolor: Paul Dennison
Makeup: Kylie O’Toole
Fashion Styling: Elaine Marshall

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